August 6 to September 11 (or longer?)

Intended as my first westward leg around the globe, I ended up buying a round-trip ticket from Tampa to Alaska. It’s hard to complain when I got it for $10 (and many miles redeemed) but it sure looks like a direct flight to Hawaii, my next destination, would be practical. Alas, that’s not how the airlines see it. Maybe I can hop on a cargo ship or tanker?

As for Alaska, itself, I will rendezvous with Rick and Ellen to visit Jan and Amy and their kids. We look forward to hiking, camping, canoeing and otherwise exploring America’s biggest, wildest state!

I sampled the region in 2005 when I joined Jan, his parents and about 60 of their Czech and Slovak comrades for a 12-day canoe camping trip on the Teslin River. It was just over the border in Canada’s Yukon Territory and the scenery was stunning. I can’t wait to go back for (at least) six weeks this time!


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