Wildcard: African Crescent

After Hong Kong? After Europe?

I have been to Ghana and Madagascar, and loved both, but I haven’t seen any more of the continent in between them. I hope to have money left on this trip to see the cradle of Arab Spring, birthplace of coffee, land of Mandela and some of the most amazing wildlife on Earth.

Besides the money running out, my other reservation about including this leg is that I pack and prepare very differently for “developed” vs. “developing” countries. Simply put, I can expect easy access to potable water, health care, communication and other conveniences at every other destination on my trip. Sad to say, but perhaps it would be wiser to do north and east Africa on a different journey.

Your thoughts?


One thought on “Wildcard: African Crescent

  1. On a separate trip? Well, maybe, but that assumes that you’ll be able to break free of Life and do it. I’d hate for you to miss standing on the edge of the Rift and staring out over the vast green savannas. If I could only do one country, I’d pick Kenya – still reasonably safe and good range of animals. It’s better than Busch Gardens.

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