Food for worms

“Adventures in Daddy Duty” was the unexpected start of my travels. On this spontaneous field trip, my brother and I took his kids and their neighbors to visit a rooftop farm in the midst of NYC.

Adventures in Daddy Duty

Ever since we learned about a compost collection at the Sunnyside Greenmarket we’ve been saving our vegetable trimmings and coffee grounds, keeping them in a bag in the freezer. This morning while Choi was teaching music lessons, the girls next door (Isabela and Isalia) joined us boys (Jeff, Teo, Kyle and me) in giving back to the cycle of soil.

The Greenmarket is directly across 43rd Street from Jeff and Choi’s apartment. We put Kyle in the stroller and sauntered on down to the last booth, where two volunteers were chopping up fresh trimmings, blending them with dry wood chips, and loading the mixture into a truck for delivery to a nearby farm for composting. Yes, nearby — right around the corner in Astoria!

While Teo and Isabela joined in the chopping, a volunteer told us how to get there: walk the Steinway Street overpass, turn on Northern Boulevard, look…

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