Hooking in Seward

August 9. Our first full day in Seward.

After morning routines, all but Amy (who had to work) spent the rest of Thursday fishing. Jan took us to Fourth of July Beach, across Resurrection Bay from Seward. It started off cold, windy and short of fish. But it was beautiful in its own way and we enjoyed traipsing about the pebbled beach and taking in the scene.

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We migrated to a little cove protected from the wind and our luck changed as abruptly as the weather. Even with the sun still hidden, a slight thinning of the clouds made the temperature rise appreciably. Soon we were peeling off layers and reeling in salmon. Evie joined in the fun, hauling in her first catch with Jan’s help. Oliver watched with wide eyes from the comfort of a baby backpack. (Thanks, Ellen, for taking over kid duty when the fishing got good!)

Our haul: nine red salmon, about 5-6 pounds each. Most went into Jan’s freezer, but we put four big fillets on the grill for dinner. They were delicious and plenty for five adults and two kids.


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