Alaska will blow your mind — and possibly your bridges.

Photo: Julian Kegel of

Photo: Julian Kegel of

Looks like I got out just in time. Seward is getting hammered by torrential rains and flooding. The local EOC is advising people to stay off the roads. Intrepid construction crews are busy clearing debris to prevent bridge blowouts from the raging water. Photos and details are posted in Seward City News. Check out this video and imagine yourself operating the bulldozer!

Besides storm footage on the Alaskagraphy blog, I also noticed “Sailing” prominently displayed in its tag cloud. An avid sailor myself, I had to check it out. Judging by the great stories and photos, three weeks in Prince William Sound must have been a spectacular trip.

Sailing in Resurrection Bay, Seward, AKMy first expedition this far north (in 2005) was a 12-day canoe trip on the Teslin River in Canada’s Yukon Territory. I didn’t work any paddle time into my Alaska adventures this summer, but I did enjoy a fantastic marine tour of Kenai Fjords. Besides some great wildlife sightings on the tour, I gazed with awe and envy at a sloop framed by mountains cruising in Resurrection Bay.

Future explorations of this enchanted region are already beginning to take shape in my imagination…


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