Andy “The Goat” Fairbanks at Little Harbor, on the Sea of Abaco, Bahamas (2011)

“The Goat” is an old nickname given to me by friends in college.  No need to get into the origin-story here. Suffice to say that it stuck.  When we rented a house off campus in Jacksonville Beach, it was dubbed The Goat House.  I have many fond memories there, all tied to the fact that it had an open-door policy.  (The door was rarely, if ever, locked.)

Friends were always welcomed to drop in and roommates became like family. Each of our families often visited, too. We also got along great with our neighbors and we had many exciting times at the Goat House: parties aplenty, a garage band (in our living room) called “Burning Alive,” dawn-patrols for surf, as well as road-trips and sailing adventures that were hatched and launched there.

It’s this spirit of fun-loving and friendly community that I also found when I moved to St. Petersburg, and that I seek on my gap-year travels. Please check out my Travellerspoint link for a map of destinations (granting some wiggle-room). I wish to learn as much as possible about my stops before I go, so I’m asking for your suggestions on the following. Each has its own page for elaboration about my interest and your comments:

Arts that convey the geography, history, culture and spirit of each place;
People I should meet there;
and Places/Things I shouldn’t miss.

For my part, I plan to blog about the experiences as I go.  Thanks for your help and I hope you enjoy this long, strange trip as much I will.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Nice!!!
    Just got back from snagging salmon (it is midnight now and still light out) without success once again. I am planning not to mow the lawn in honor of the arrival of the goat. Goats like grass and wildflowers right?

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