The pleasure of any journey has much to do with companionship.  There are many times when I seek solitude, but plenty more when I enjoy good company. I look forward to visiting with old friends in new places, and making new friends in all places. I also want to explore with local advice and sleep with a sense of security.

I am not a fan of sterile and expensive hotels.  Hostels are sometimes a fine alternative.  Camping is great with the right combination of factors (locale, weather, gear), but I plan to travel very light.  It’s also nice to come in from a cold, wet slog — or a tiring trip of any kind — to a warm hearth and kind heart.  Thus, I am grateful to my future hosts.

The following are a some of the organizations I plan to interact with during my travels. I look forward to your comments about them and suggestions for others:

WWOOFing has long held appeal for me. I love getting my hands dirty, and I like the concept of exchanging my labor for room and board, and learning permaculture skills with other like-minded people. I’m also intrigued in an intellectual sense about the international community of hosts and volunteers, why they join WWOOF and how it affects subsequent choices in their lives.

I just learned about SERVAS, which operates a “multicultural peace association” of hosts and travelers for those who “want to get to know the heart of the countries they visit.”  Their members are active in humanitarian efforts around the world, too, so it sounds like a good fit for my desire to engage in labors of heart, head and hands.

Many friends have also recommended

What do you think? Please leave a comment. I look forward to sharing posts with you about the people and places I visit. Thanks for following!

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