Broadly speaking, I am interested in the arts claimed by each place I go.  Music, theater, literature of all kinds (articles, books, film), painting, photography and sculpture. Artisanal work, too: culinary delights and other kinds of craftsmanship such as boats, boards and buildings. The list could go on an on.  (If you wish to know more about me personally, please visit

Here’s how you can help me prepare:
If you are familiar with the arts of a place (or places), please explain each suggestion in a comment on this page that includes the place, medium, title and artist.  If possible, please also include any relevant web links or contact info.

Here’s my plan:
I will organize suggestions with categories and tags, so that pages and posts from this blog will be searchable by place, medium and artist. As I get to experience them, look for posts about your favorites — and read about others’ that I’m sure you will enjoy, too.  Of course I will note who turned me on to each one.

Sound simple enough?
Here is an example of what I envision. Please send a comment and let’s see how it really works!

2 thoughts on “Arts

  1. Just finished a book you should get: “Shopping For Porcupine a life in arctic Alaska” by Seth Kantner.
    Written by a guy who grew up in a sod house in the arctic. Talks about the arctic lifestyle and does a great job of portraying true Alaskan people.

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