Of course I’m interested in the usual state/national parks and local watering holes. Please do send details about your favorites of those.

But here’s where it gets unusual:

I’m also very interested in waste (garbage), wastewater and water treatment facilities. Yep, you read right. I am a bonafide garbage geek and an aspiring water wonk. I’m also keen to visit mining and timbering operations, as well as manufacturing facilities. I like to know where our resources come from, how they become stuff we use, and what happens to our wastes afterward.

Please suggest beauties and/or beasts in your comments by including place and contact information.

Don’t know where your garbage goes or where your stuff comes from yet?
Perhaps now is a good time to find out! Surely someone in your community does. If I’m visiting you, I hope we can go together and compare notes about the bowels of where and how we live. For your amusement and edification, please check out Pinellas County’s “No Such Place as Away” video. (You might recognize the main character, too.)

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