The adventures continue…in Alaska!

Adventures in Daddy Duty

After two months of daddy duty, I left NYC on July 29 for a brief stop at home in Tampa, then packed my bags and flew to Alaska on August 6. Now I’m visiting friends in Seward who have kids the same ages as Teo and Kyle, so the adventures continue–this time with Evie and Oliver.  Most are chronicled on my travel blog, but I did want to give a shout out directly to my friends in Sunnyside. Or, as Oliver likes to announce in a smiling, singsongy voice: “Hell-loooooooooooo!”

On my first full day here, Jan took us fishing. (Besides the kids, “us” includes my friends and travel companions, Rick and Ellen.) Oliver rode in Jan’s modern-day papoose and Evie combed the rocky shore for feathers while the big boys tried to snag salmon. When fishing turned into catching, Ellen graciously took over Ollie duty. Evie reeled in her…

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