Landscapes (and seascapes) may be stunning on their own, but it’s the people who live in them who truly fascinate me.  Travel guides sometimes include a “who’s who,” but I’m more interested in suggestions from friends.  These are people I would like to meet, myself, and pass on your greetings to them.  (What’s more gratifying than to be part of someone’s fond travel memories?)

I expect these suggestions might overlap with those from the other pages: Art and Places/Things.  That would be cool, and I’ll try to keep everything organized by categories and tags.

Please include the following details in your comments: the person’s/people’s name(s), where and how to find them.  IMPORTANT: respect your friends’ privacy and do NOT include their contact info (email, phone, address) in your comment.  Instead, send that to me by email: “fairbanks dot andy at gmail dot com.” (Sorry for being cryptic, but I’m just trying to fool the spam-robots a little longer.)

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