A bath for water

“Adventures in Daddy Duty” was the unexpected start of my travels. I managed a couple of field trips with kids in tow, including this one to a water treatment plant. When I come back through NYC next summer, connecting with the city’s Dept. of Sanitation will at the top of my list.

Adventures in Daddy Duty

Chris Retty is a good friend from back home, in Jensen Beach, Florida. He became a journeyman (I love that term and might have to borrow it for my travels) and moved to the NYC area over a decade ago.  Now, he is the electrical supervisor for United Water’s treatment facility in Haworth, New Jersey.

I joined Chris and his fantastic fiancee, Adrienne, for drinks on the Upper West Side a few weeks ago. We talked about Kyle’s accident and recovery, but quickly moved on to our shared passions for travel and generally living life to the fullest. They asked the question that I’ve been hearing a lot lately, “Does daddy duty make you want to have kids?” The answer is still no, I much prefer uncling.

When Chris suggested that I come for a tour of his workplace, of course I said yes. (I’m not just a garbage…

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